Hueblog: iConnectHue supports the Hue Secure contact sensor

iConnectHue supports the Hue Secure contact sensor

Limited possibilities

When it comes to configuring accessories for Philips Hue, I have sworn by iConnectHue for years. The application for iPhone and iPad gives you far more options than the official Philips Hue app. With the update to version 5.1, developer Stefan Göhler once again delivers new functions – with the Philips Hue Secure contact sensor taking centre stage.

Compared to the other accessory products, however, the options for the contact sensor are unfortunately somewhat limited. The reason for this is that the new sensor is the first accessory to work exclusively with the V2 developer interface, to which third-party providers do not yet have full access.

“This means that you can currently configure up to three rooms or a zone or the entire home with switch, scene or magic scene actions. Switches are currently not possible, but you can set the switch-off timer to 10 seconds instead of one minute,” the developer explains. At least the 2023 upgrade or an active membership is required to use the function.

The other new features in iConnectHue 5.1

It is now possible to deactivate a motion detector in iConnectHue up to a certain time. Previously, this was only possible at preset times. This function also requires the 2023 upgrade or an active membership.

Some new scenes with the motto “New York, New York” are freely available to all users.

‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
Developer: Stefan Gohler
Price: 3,99 €+

Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensor

$39.99 / €39,99

Get peace of mind both home or away with the Secure contact sensor! Place it on doors, windows, cabinets, safes, and more with the included adhesive backing — and a receive notification or even turn on the lights when the sensor is opened.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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