Hueblog: Exclusive preview: iConnectHue gets a modern design

Exclusive preview: iConnectHue gets a modern design

Major update coming soon

For years I have been using iConnectHue (App Store-Link) to configure my Hue system. From my point of view, the universal app for iPhone and iPad has only one major shortcoming: it doesn't really look that great. The look just doesn't appeal to me to use the app for the daily control of the Hue system. Now I am allowed to give you a first preview of the upcoming big update of iConnectHue.

The update should appear in the App Store in the next two weeks and, according to the developer Stefan Göhler, will be very extensive. Among other things, the user interface has been visually revised and, in addition to the familiar design, also offers a further “neon” option, which you can also see in the screenshots here in the article.

iConnectHue gets completely new list view

In addition to the familiar tile view, iConnectHue will also be able to display the rooms and zones as a list, just as we know it from the Hue app. A big advantage for large installations: iConnectHue can not only display rooms from several bridges, these can also be mixed at will. This way, you can see all important rooms directly after opening the app, even if they might be controlled by different bridges.

In addition to the iPhone version, the iPad app will of course also be optimised and equipped with the new user interface. At the moment, the developer is still working on the final touches, so there may well be changes to the screenshots shown here.

In addition to the new look, the upcoming major update of iConnectHue will also bring a few more functions, which I will present to you on time on the day of release. But one thing is clear: you can be very excited.

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  1. Cool.

    Is there a similar app for Android for us that have several bridges? The Matter update seem distant.

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