Hueblog: Philips Hue working on luster bulbs with colour

Philips Hue working on luster bulbs with colour

Addition to the existing Hue White

In September 2020, Philips Hue introduced its smallest light bulb to date: Philips Hue White P45 E14 bulb in a teardrop shape, also known internationally as a ” Luster”. Equipped with an E14 base, it was significantly more compact than the familiar E14 candle lamp: 77 millimetres compared to 106 millimetres. Especially for smaller table lamps, these almost 3 centimetres can make all the difference.

Until now, however, the E14 in drop shape was only available as Hue White with a fixed colour temperature. This is incomprehensible from a technical point of view, because Philips Hue in Japan has also been offering an E17 lamp with a very similar design as a White Ambiance lamp for two years.

New model with White and Color Ambiance shows up

Three years after the introduction of the Hue White in teardrop form, there now seems to be good news: An image of a P45 E14 lamp in teardrop shape with the inscription “Hue White and Color Ambiance” has surfaced at a Korean regulatory authority. A sticker on the lamp also shows that the model is intended for the European market.

Another entry at the regulatory authority shows another Hue lamp with an identical design, but here the label is not clearly visible. I assume that this is the variant with White Ambiance – at least that would complete the usual series of three models.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet know when Philips Hue plans to launch the new lamps. In the past years, new products were often presented in June in addition to the IFA innovations in September.

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  1. I waited for those for far too long. Fortunately Ikea introduced that shape as tunable white bulb recently. And I must say they work very well.

  2. Great, now if only they’d let us increase the PWM frequency. The 1khz flicker made me feel sick any time the Hue lights were on, so I had to ditch them.

  3. Yes have been waiting for these for years. I, too, bought the Ikea version, but the bulbs make a whining noise, even when they’re off. So these couldn’t come soon enough.

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