Hueblog: iConnectHue 4.14: Improved control and more possibilities with colours

iConnectHue 4.14: Improved control and more possibilities with colours

Update brings colour explosion

To control my Hue lights, I prefer to use the official app from Philips Hue. To configure accessories, I have so far resorted to iConnectHue (App Store link). With the latest update to version 4.14, Stefan Göhler's app offers numerous new functions around the topic of colours – and thus also becomes really interesting for controlling lamps.

Just before the end of the year, iConnectHue has received another comprehensive update. Before I go into the individual highlights, here is a compact overview of the new functions:

  • Gradient color picker
  • Automatic Festavia diffuse mode
  • Relative brightness
  • Magic Scenes from Gradients and pictures
  • Copy & Paste colors/gradients (Pro)
  • CIE color picker (Pro)
  • Better favorite/included colors
  • Show temperature and color values (Pro)
  • New Magic Scene packages

The improved Gradient colour selection

Gradient light sources from Philips Hue in particular benefit from a new function. Unlike in the official Hue app, where you have to manually move the individual selection points on the colour wheel, in iConnectHue the points are linked together. At first glance, this deprives you of an exciting function. But once you have used the new function, you quickly realise how grandiose it is.

Select a gradient mode in your picker to the top left, then use the cursor to move around – all other color points will follow. You can adjust several of the modes with the thicker white cursor and narrow, widen or even invert the gradient.

With the 2022 upgrade, one receives the colour gradient picker, more or less the basic functionality of this update. With a membership, there are also the following five modes:

  • Analogous – one main color and two adjecent colors
  • Complementary – always a complementary color to main color
  • Split – two complementary colors to the main color
  • Triadic – three colors in the angle of 120°
  • Tetradic – four colors in the angle of 90°
‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
Developer: Stefan Gohler
Price: 3,99 €+

These are the other new functions

In fast forward, I now have a short overview of the other new functions for you.

Automatic Festavia diffuse mode: Supplied magic scenes without gradients (with membership / 2022 upgrade) as well as in the colour selector in Triadic and Tetradic mode (membership) will automatically set your Festavia light chain to diffuse mode.

Relative brightness: When you change the brightness in light groups, from now on the brightness per lamp will be adjusted individually instead of setting them all to the same brightness (with membership / 2022 upgrade).

Magic scenes of colour gradients and images: You can now create magic scenes from gradients via our new gradient colour selector or from images (membership).

Copy & Paste of colours/colour gradients: You can now copy and paste colours and gradients between colour selectors. The iOS clipboard is used for this – i.e. you can also get colours from outside into the app.

CIE colour picker: Our Pro users can now use the CIE colour picker (1931) instead of the normal Hue saturation colour picker.

Better Favourites / Included Colours: We have adjusted the included colours to reflect those in the Hue app. “Evening Light” is now “Bright”.

Show colour values: As a Pro user, you can now display the colour temperature in Kelvin and the position on the colour wheel if you wish.

Three new Magic Scene Packs: Neon, Neon Gradients and More Christmas.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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