Hueblog: Community question of the week: Hue light bulbs and light switches with dimmers

Community question of the week: Hue light bulbs and light switches with dimmers

Not a good idea

Light switches with dimmers were installed in many flats and houses many years ago. A practical thing to be able to adjust the brightness of a light bulb or a halogen lamp. However, it is not a good idea in combination with Philips Hue.

Benjamin asked me a question on this topic this week that I have not heard for the first time in this form:

A dimmer switch is already installed in the flat. This means that quite normal halogen lamps can be dimmed here. There are four sockets for lamps installed. One Hue lamp can be put into operation, but as soon as I put more lamps in there, the others just flicker as if there wasn't enough power to operate them. Do you know this problem and what I can do about it?

The simple, but unfortunately somewhat complicated solution: The old dimmer switch must be completely removed and replaced with a classic light switch or push-button. In this context, you could also upgrade the switch with a Hue wall switch module and thus make it smart.

The classic dimmer switches, not to be confused with the Philips Hue dimmer switch, are actually completely unsuitable for use with Philips Hue. Older models in particular, which are actually intended for halogen lamps, often cannot cope at all with the low power consumption of Hue lamps, even if you no longer use them for dimming.

The short, concise and only correct answer in this case is: get rid of the old dimmer switch.

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