Hueblog: Philips Hue could allow sharing of scenes

Philips Hue could allow sharing of scenes

Send lighting creations to friends

There is certainly more to come from Philips Hue this year. Among other things, the launch of the new Philips Hue Go and the Perifo track system are on the agenda. There are also likely to be further announcements around IFA. But the Philips Hue software development team is not resting on its laurels either.

After the Natural Light function appeared briefly at the weekend and disappeared just as quickly, it should be clear that the launch is likely to take place in the coming weeks. But that is not all that Philips Hue is currently preparing.

Soon there should also be a possibility to share self-created or edited scenes. Here I imagine one scenario in particular: You have friends over who also use Philips Hue in their home and just love the colour scheme on your terrace or in your living room. You can then simply send them the scene you created with the Hue app.

Should an export and import function be added to the Hue app, this would of course create completely new possibilities. I could imagine that users could build up an online database with their own scenes. And whoever is then looking for a suitable scene for the upcoming European Championship final or for a special holiday would not have to create it themselves.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
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  1. You know, after 5 years…Quite literally, hundred if not thousand us dollar for some magic Signify is grotesque incompetent and can’t or won’t deliver. The hue app and hue sucks. No question about it at this point. I think after 5 years, I am reporting them to US BBB and US FTC

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