Hueblog: Philips Hue: Transferring data from the Bluetooth app

Philips Hue: Transferring data from the Bluetooth app

Control soon only via the Hue app

If you don't have a bridge yet and have been relying on the Philips Hue Bluetooth App, there is interesting news for you. With the update to version 1.37.0, you can now transfer all paired lamps to the “normal” Philips Hue app with a tap of your finger. This has offered Bluetooth support for some time and should make the separate app superfluous.

Tap the banner to transfer all your Bluetooth-controlled lights into the Philips Hue app. You won’t need to add them again or rename everything – all you have to do is tap “Next.”

So switching to the Hue app should be particularly easy – but in my view this is also an imperative function to convince existing users to make the switch. In the future, there should also be more functions in the Hue app for Bluetooth users.

By the way, the Blueotooth app no longer accepts new users. Philips Hue tells us: “New users that control their lights with Bluetooth will now be redirected to the Hue app.”

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  1. Here’s the issue I face with this. My lights malfunctioned and I had to reconnect them to google home. Without the bluetooth app, this functionality has been broken.

  2. Mine didn’t work at all. My lights didn’t transfer, now the old bluetooth app (with all my scenes) doesn’t display them anymore and redirects me to the new app, that is empty. When I try to connect my lights with the new app, it just doesn’t connect, it’s stuck on “connecting” forever. With a single update, philips managed to make it impossible for me to use all the lights I have in the house…. nice. I’m going to look for another brand

  3. You are despicable Hue/Phillips! Your stupid Bluetooth transfer lost all of my custom scenes. What a horrible company to force me to update from a perfectly useful app. I have no interest in your overpriced bridge. I now will never spend a single penny on anything made by Phillips or it’s subsidiaries ever again. And I will tell every single person that I know, at every opportunity, what a greedy corporate slime of a company Phillips is.

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