Hueblog: Natural Light: New function now available in the Hue app

Natural Light: New function now available in the Hue app

Hidden and not yet official

A small thanks goes to Hueblog reader Sebastian, because I had actually not yet discovered this new feature in the Hue app. And I can imagine that Philips Hue hasn't planned for this long-awaited feature to be accessible yet either.

Update on 17 July: It seems that Philips Hue has removed the search from the Hue Light Scene Gallery via remote maintenance. In addition, there is the following note if you want to activate a “Natural Light” scene that is already saved in a room:

It's about the “Natural Light” scene, which was announced a long time ago and was actually supposed to launch in autumn 2021. Earlier this year, Philips Hue had indefinitely postponed the launch of the dynamic scene, which automatically adjusts the white tones throughout the day.

And even today, the launch of the new function has not yet been officially announced, but you can still use the “Natural Light” scene. This is possible through the new search function in the Hue light scenes gallery. If you search for “Natural Light” there, you can already add the scene to rooms and zones and also use it.

What you can expect with “Natural Light”

Philips Hue describes its new function as follows:

Designed to help you stay productive and feel supported in your overall well-being, Natural light uses different shades of warm-to-cool white light to mimic the sun's movement throughout the day. Your lights will automatically transition throughout the day: start with bright, cool tones to energise your mornings and end with a warmer, golden glow that helps you relax as the sun goes down.

Once you have added the scene, you can also edit it. You can adjust the five time periods throughout the day and the behaviour at night. You can adjust the light settings, the time periods and also the lamps used and the desired brightness according to your wishes.

The only important thing is that each period must be at least 30 minutes long. If the lamps are switched on, they begin to slowly change their light colour one minute before the next period. The natural light can be used with White Ambiance and White and Color Ambiance lamps.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
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  1. Unfortunately, the scene can be added and switched manually, but so far neither the motion sensors nor dimmers or switches can be assigned to it. The scene is not displayed at all (as are currently all self-created scenes).

    1. Yes, but we should not forget, that it is not yet officially integrated.

  2. I have not been able to find the search function in the hue scene gallery even though i have app version 4.22. Can you help?

    1. Okay, I think they removed the search… I can’t find it anymore on my devices.

  3. I don’t understand how this new scene is different from the way the smart button is working with default settings where you have the 5 slots with natural lights.

  4. Any ETA on HUE releasing the Natural Light scenes? (2022, 2023?) I have big plans for these and this native option should work out much better than the limited HomeKit adaptive lighting.

  5. The Natural Light Scene is very useful concept but I don’t need it to work during the day. It cannot be triggered on/off by automations or motion sensors. If someone has found a way to do so, please comment. The morning, evening and night time slots are all I want not the hours pre and post afternoon (10am to 4pm in current winter daylight hours, perhaps 7am to 8pm in summer time). Perhaps maybe there’s a way to do all that with automations that I haven’t figured out yet.

  6. Well, we installed Philips Hue lights only recently and then I ‘discovered’ the Natural Light mode. Sadly, it so extremely poorly implemented, that is barely make sense to use – especially towards the evening. The problem is at 8pm it drastically (within a minute) changes the luminosity AND colour of the light that it is completely unnatural, unpleasant and useless. Similar drop then repeats at 10 pm. I can only wonder why anyone would program it this way.

    Oh and, yeah, switches don’t support it. So – from where I stand – Philips can be my guest and remove it altogether. Apparently – after about 9 months since introduction they did nothing to upgrade it and integrated it fully into the Hue ecosystem.

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