Hueblog: Hue Outdoor Sensor: New revision with minor modifications

Hue Outdoor Sensor: New revision with minor modifications

Probably no technical change

A few weeks ago, Philips Hue slightly revised its indoor motion sensor. Now the outdoor sensor has also been updated. I don't necessarily want to talk about a new generation here, but rather a small revision.

What are the changes? The new sensor with the EAN 8719514342262 and the model number 929003067401 comes to you in a new packaging. Signify has completely dispensed with plastic, the sensor disappears completely into the box and can no longer be seen through a transparent window.

And the sensor itself has also changed a little in terms of appearance. You can no longer just read “Philips” on the top, but “Philips Hue”. Just a small detail.

Those who have already bought the Hue Outdoor Sensor at the beginning of 2019 will notice another difference: There is only one screw on the back, whereas there were four at the market launch. A small change that makes changing the battery a little easier. However: There must have been a revision of the Outdoor Sensor as early as 2020 or 2021, in which this change was made.

Officially, less range is stated

There is, however, one conspicuous feature of the “new” model. On the plastic-free packaging of the Hue Outdoor Sensor, a motion detection range of 10 metres is stated. Previously it was 12 metres. I assume that they simply want to be on the safe side with the new information and that nothing has changed in the sensor itself – but I have asked the manufacturer about this.

Hue Outdoor Sensor

$49,99 / £54.99 / €59,99

  Control your outdoor lights automatically with a Philips Hue outdoor sensor. Place the battery-powered, completely wireless sensor anywhere — and then simply walk by to trigger your lights.
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  1. Has anyone ever had an issue where the white opaque semi-dome on the Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor has been cracked and broken through leaving a few small holes. I can only assume that this was caused by birds or a piece of flying debris during a storm. I’m pretty sure that it can’t be a manufacturing fault or I would have heard about this before.

  2. Something I should have added to my previous post is that the unit is still fully functional. I don’t know if the opaque cover can be replaced, if not then it’s a shame that a perfectly working item cannot be restored by replacing what I figure is a relatively inexpensive part of the unit.

  3. The light sensing and thermometer work great, but the motion sensor part apparently detects the movement of air molecules. It constantly “detects motion” even on the lowest settings.

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