Hueblog: Why does the Outdoor Sensor not work with Hue Secure?

Why does the Outdoor Sensor not work with Hue Secure?

Manufacturer provides explanation

With the launch of the Philips Hue App 5.0, the Dutch manufacturer has introduced a new Security Center. In addition to the new Hue Secure cameras and Hue Secure contact sensors, the Hue motion sensors, which have been available for a long time, also get a new task there.

If the system is armed, which is usually the case when you are not at home, you can receive a push message on your smartphone when a motion detector detects a movement – i.e. something may be happening in the house that should not be happening.

There is one exception, however: unlike the white Hue indoor motion sensor, the black Hue outdoor sensor is not compatible with the Hue Secure system. But why not? Philips Hue now provides an answer:

“Outdoor Sensors are not supported as part of the Secure System. If the Outdoor Sensor is exposed to bright light, e.g. bright sunlight, it may trigger a false motion detection,” the manufacturer cries.

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  1. Not all outdoor motion sensors are used outdoor. I have two outdoor motion sensors that I use indoor. One in my dining room and the other in the master bathroom because they are suited for that location in my home compared to the indoor motion sensor. Thus, I think they need to give user the option to choose if they want to use outdoor motion sensor as part of the hue secure.

  2. Thanks, I reached out to tweethue about this but at the same time I found this information
    ‘Your Secure devices integrate seamlessly into your Philips Hue system — and work with your other Philips Hue products. Lights can become part of a light alarm, which you can trigger after receiving a motion alert from a Secure device or an indoor motion sensor. ‘
    Tweethue verified that only the indoor (bummer 🙁 ) sensor works with home security.
    I too find it strange that this sensor is excluded. It just seems the other way around, I would like to detect outside before they are in my house 🙂

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