Hueblog: Don’t forget: Philips Hue Outdoor Power Supply Replacement Programme

Don’t forget: Philips Hue Outdoor Power Supply Replacement Programme

It works as simple as this

In October, I already drew your attention to the Philips Hue outdoor power supply exchange programme. And now that some of you are getting your garden ready for spring, it's time to remind you of the story again.

It's about the 40 Watt Outdoor Power Supply from Philips Hue. This was sold with the starter sets of the Hue Lily or Hue Calla, and the power supply of the Outdoor Lightstrips can also be affected.

You can easily check yourself if one of your power supplies is affected. Simply take a closer look at the print on your power supply unit, there you will find a four-digit production code, which will tell you whether the problem can also occur in your case. The following graphic shows you exactly where:

You may have an affected PSU if the first two digits (i.e. the year) are below 19 or both of the following are true:

  • The first two digits of the code are 19
  • The last two digits of the code are 41 or below

For example, a PSU with the code 1835 is affected, while a PSU with the code 2005 is not.

Replacing the power supply is really easy via the website set up for this purpose, and it's no trick at all. You have to take a picture of the front of the power supply, enter the serial number and of course your address. I did this a fortnight ago to the day with three power supply units that were actually already obsolete and received my replacement delivery today.

If your power supply is eligible for replacement, it does not immediately mean that it is defective. Signify itself also says that you can continue to use the power supply until the replacement units have been delivered. They say, “In the meantime, you can continue to use your Philips Hue lights. However, in the event of a product failure, we recommend that you first turn off the power supply before touching the power supply.”

Unfortunately, I don't have any information on how long the replacement programme will continue. In any case, everything went smoothly for me and I received three new power supply units in their original packaging. The old power supplies can easily be returned to Signify via DHL with the shipping box and a return label.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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