Hueblog: Icasa introduces new filament lamps with adjustable color temperature

Icasa introduces new filament lamps with adjustable color temperature

Hue-compatible thanks to ZigBee

Is it always this dark in the Netherlands? Besides Philips Hue from Eindhoven and Innr from Hilversum, I am already in contact with the third lighting manufacturer from our neighbouring country. Icasa from near Arnhem sent me today some initial information about a new filament lamp.

The new “ZigBee Filament Bulb” from Icasa should be available on the market soon and comes in two different versions. For 32.95 Euro you get a double pack of the standard version with a diameter of 60 millimeters. For 24.95 Euro you can get a large filament bulb with a diameter of 95 millimetres. Both models have an E27 base.

1,800 to 4,000 Kelvin and up to 480 lumens

The new filament lamps from Icasa have two special features: Firstly, they have a curved filament in a spiral shape. In addition, two different types of LEDs for cold white and warm white light are installed on this filament. In this way, the colour temperature can be adjusted from 1,800 to 4,000 Kelvin. With a consumption of up to 7 watts, the maximum brightness is 480 lumens.

The manufacturer lets us know: “We are proud to add these unique spiral-filament bulbs to our line up of smarthome products. Multifunctional spaces are increasingly common; e.g., a dining room often also doubles as a home office. However, a nice dinner with friends and family calls for a warm type of light, while brighter productivity-supporting light is more appropriate for an office environment. These new spiral-filament bulbs can accommodate either setting.”

Of course, I hope to have a look at the two new models soon and provide you with your own impressions.

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