Hueblog: Show your Hue: I’ve cheated this time

Show your Hue: I’ve cheated this time

Twinkly Festoon Lights mounted on wire rope

A few weeks ago, I presented the Twinkly Festoon Lights to you. We already had a lot of fun with the smart lights last winter – now they serve as a smart garland with app control. They consist of 20 little bulbs with 16 million colors. And since there is no such thing from Philips Hue up to now, I’m just cheating on this garden installation.

Thanks to a small eyelet, the brightly coloured bulbs can be attached anywhere. Today I would like to explain how I installed the Twinkly Festoon Lights – to give you a little inspiration.

I took advantage of the local conditions and stretched a wire rope from the grating in front of a floor-to-ceiling window on the first floor to a summer house. There I redirected the wire rope through a hole in the rain gutter and attached it to the garden fence. In the garden house I also have a power connection where I supply the outdoor-suitable Twinkly Festoon Lights with energy.

The use of materials was kept within limits: on Amazon, I ordered a wire rope, for 15 meters I had to pay about 13 euros – you can surely find a wire rope in your local hardware store. For the tool-free attachment of the wire rope I used the Ruck-Zuck wire rope lock.

Unfortunately, the Twinkly Festoon Lights are only available at a few dealers in Germany, you can buy them at There you pay 129.90 euros for the starter set with power supply and 20 lamps. The smart garland can be extended to 40 lamps, the extension is available for 89.90 euros.

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