Hueblog: We Love Lights: Uncluttered Hue app for the Mac

We Love Lights: Uncluttered Hue app for the Mac

Controls in the menu bar

Do you know this problem as well? At home, you sit at your desk or anywhere else with your MacBook and you want to control the light. Of course you could stand up and use the dimmer switch or just use Siri on your Mac. But if you have your fingers on the trackpad anyway, you could also control the light on your Mac.

An interesting app for this purpose is We Love Lights by German developer Robert Hahn. It can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for 3.49 Euro and nests itself in the menu bar of the Mac after installation.

After successfully connecting to the Bridge, an alphabetically sorted list of all rooms and zones appears, which can be used to control either the entire area or each individual lamp. Scenes can also be easily activated, and there is a dimming feature for the entire room.

We Love Lights certainly does not win a beauty prize, but it does exactly what it is supposed to. Via its drop-down menu, you can also open the We Love Lights Studio, where the controls are presented in a separate window and you can rearrange the rooms, among other things.

The only drawback in this case is that We Love Lights can only connect with a single bridge. If not all lamps and rooms of two Bridges can be displayed at the same time, it should at least be possible to switch quickly – for example by right-clicking on the We Love Lights icon in the menu bar.

‎We Love Lights
‎We Love Lights
Developer: Robert Hahn
Price: 3,49 €

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