Hueblog: Hue Smart Button: Dimming function always affects all lamps in the room

Hue Smart Button: Dimming function always affects all lamps in the room

Even switched off lamps are controlled

The Philips Hue Smart Button has found many fans in recent weeks, even though it is very resource-intensive and expensive. Today, I would like to point out a function that the Hue Smart Button does not yet implement in a good way.

It's all about the dimming function which is actually quite well integrated. While you can switch the light on with a short press of a button, change through scenes and switch the light off again after a short break with a short press of a button, a long press of a button provides the dimming function if desired: with the first long press the light is dimmed, with another long press the brightness is increased again.

Pretty smart for a single button – but this can cause problems. Namely when you control a room or zone in which several lamps are in use. The dimming function always controls all the lamps in a room.

Hue Smart Button controls differ from dimmer switch

A small example: you have 10 Hue lights in your living room. To watch TV at home, you select a scene where only two lamps are lit. If you want to use the dimming function of the Hue Smart Button, the other eight lamps in the room will also switch on and increase or decrease their brightness.

In my opinion, this is not an optimal behaviour. The dimming function should rather only control the lamps in the room that are currently switched on by a scene or a manual configuration. Technically, this shouldn't be a big problem because the Philips Hue dimmer switch behaves exactly as I want it to.

Philips Hue Smart Button

$29.99 / £17.99 / €21,99

This little button makes a big impact. A single click controls your lights, while pressing and holding the button dims or brightens them. Better yet: your lights will turn on to our recommended color and brightness based on the time of day.

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