Hueblog: Philips Hue rolls out new functions for switches

Philips Hue rolls out new functions for switches

Simply activate natural light

I was able to draw your attention to this upcoming innovation back in September. Now Philips Hue has apparently started to slowly roll out the new functions. I have discovered the first comments from the community both on social networks and here in the comments.

Specifically, it’s about the Hue Smart Button and the Hue Dimmer Switch, both of which have been available on the market for some time. If you have already received the update, the following message will appear in the switch settings in the Hue app:

Add up to 10 time slots in Time-based mode, 10 scenes in Scene cycle mode and add the Natural light scene.

This should be pretty self-explanatory. If the previous five scenes weren’t enough for you, you can now add up to ten scenes to the switch.

Unfortunately, the new options have not yet been activated for me. However, as far as I understand it correctly, the update also allows you to assign fewer than five scenes to a switch, which I personally find even more interesting. Previously, this was only possible with third-party apps.

If the new functions for the Hue dimmer switch and the Hue Smart Button have already been activated in your app, you are welcome to leave brief feedback in the comments.

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

$27.99 / €21.99 / £19.99

Dim or brighten the room, toggle light scenes or get the best light based on the time of day. The Hue dimmer switch attaches to walls or magnetic surfaces, but can also be used as a remote control anywhere in your home.

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  1. I just want a function for the button to be used as a On/Off switch…
    This has been a huge limitation with the button from the beginning…

    Maybe by assigning less than 5 scenes if would work but it would be more simple to just select an on/off action & choose which device, room, zone

    1. Can you provide info on how to get the V1 to act like the V2? My searches have come up empty.

  2. Unfortunately, you cannot shift from one scene cycle to the next unless you do it in less than 3 seconds.
    Wait more than 3 seconds and it will go back to the first scene.
    Must be a bug. Probably related to the new “smart”-feature. But if that I disabled, you should be able to cycle through the scenes with pauses of more than 3 seconds. But I cannot.

    1. That’s the same behaviour like for example the Smart Button has. Think it’s not a bug.

  3. Yes, I have it. Now, after the update, I can select, with just one press, to have the natural light. I like it!

  4. Great news!
    I have been waiting for the native integration of Natural light since a few years ago and finally is here.

    Now it is possible to activate the natural light scene from the switch or button as it was already available for the presence sensor.

    In my case I will simplify my setup and save a few resources that was on the limit due to my switches configuration.

  5. Wall Switch Module must get the same update
    Any info why it didn’t now?
    Any chance to see the update for Wall Switch Module soon?
    It’s a base feature, that should be there from the begining

    1. That’s right, I just installed the Hue wall switch module and the inability to turn on the “natural light” scene is quite frustrating and for a product that has been on the market for almost three years, it’s a big shame.. 🙁

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