Hueblog: Philips Hue Adore reviewed: New wall light from the bathroom series

Philips Hue Adore reviewed: New wall light from the bathroom series

Fluorescent tube design

Not yet officially landed in Germany and not yet listed on the German Philips Hue website, but already available thanks to some Scandinavian dealers: we are talking about two wall lamps from the Adore bathroom series by Philips Hue. In terms of design, both remind of classic fluorescent tubes.

The smaller model costs 149.95 euros, has a width of 42.4 cm and a maximum brightness of 1,050 lumens. The White Ambiance bulb is also available as a larger model with a width of 67.5 cm and costs a little more with 199.95 euros. In return you benefit from up to 1,750 lumens. The brightness is thus significantly higher in the larger model. A Philips Hue dimmer switch is included with both models.

The Adore wall light can be mounted not only horizontally but also vertically. Thanks to the symmetrical design, this is certainly an interesting option if, for example, you have the right power connections to the left and right of the mirror. Even Philips Hue offers product photos with that kind of installation.

Illumination in the room is very even

The installation itself is not a big hurdle, as usual for wall luminaires. First, a mounting plate is fixed to the wall with two screws, the power cables are fed through and connected with a luster terminal. Then the lamp is placed on the mounting plate and fixed with two screws.

I would personally describe the product quality as satisfactory. You can’t say anything against the holder made of matte plastic, but the “fluorescent tube” would be of higher quality in glass. In addition, the end caps are only made of plastic with a metal look.

But what about the illumination? In the room itself I found the Philips Hue Adore wall light very pleasant. Previously, we had mounted two GU10 spotlights above the mirror, which were very bright but emitted the light cone in one direction. The Adore wall luminaire is not so bright at certain points, but it distributes its light very evenly throughout the room.

Only one small negative detail caught my attention. At the right end of the tube the last centimetres were not as well illuminated as on the left side. Not really a great sight in a product worth at least 150 euros – but I can’t say if this is just a single case. You can see the problem on the following picture.

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