Hueblog: Show your Hue: This installation solves a classic problem

Show your Hue: This installation solves a classic problem

Cable and lighting on ceiling and wall

I am always happy to receive your replies and ideas. But when I get an email like the one from Hueblog reader Philipp, I can't help but write an article directly. This installation is really impressive – and a great problem solver, too.

It all started with a rather simple problem that maybe everyone of us has had before: when moving into a new apartment Philipp had to find out that the connections for TV and internet are on the wrong side of the wall. A cable channel across the room? Not a satisfactory solution.

Consequently, a father-son project emerged in which the cables were routed to the other side of the room behind two prefixed walls and a suspended ceiling. But Philipp not only took care of the cable routing, he also installed 16 metres of LightStrip from Innr and six GU10 spots from Innr.

Just look at the pictures, I can only say at this point: hats off. And who knows, maybe this idea is something for you as well?

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