Hueblog: Lutron Aurora: innovative Friends of Hue switch gets wall mount

Lutron Aurora: innovative Friends of Hue switch gets wall mount

Only available in the USA so far

I already introduced the Lutron Aurora to you last year and I have to admit that I just love the idea. The manufacturer has created a switch that can be easily installed over an existing switch without having to interfere with the electronics. So it’s almost exactly what we have all been wanting for a long time. The only drawback: the Lutron Aurora is only designed for American toggle switches with the lever sticking out of the wall.

Accordingly, it is only available in the USA. Still, you don’t have to create any mount yourself since Lutron presented a wall mount for the Aurora switch at the CES.

The wall mount can be mounted on any smooth surface by means of adhesive strips on the back. It can be turned for dimming and pressed for switching. You will find more about its possibilities in this article. Lutron has set a price point of 10 USD for the wall mount, I could also imagine that there will be a bundle available, including the switch. The sale should start in March.

Unfortunately, apart from the following photo, there are no further pictures available yet:

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