Hueblog: Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons: new LED panels coming in May

Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons: new LED panels coming in May

Different shapes combined

I have reported on Nanoleaf on several occasions in the past, and of course the French company has some exciting new products in store for the CES in Las Vegas this week. There is finally some definite information about the hexagonal light elements announced last year.

The Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons will be the first light panels of the Unified Light Panel line. With this series, the manufacturer enables its customers to combine different shapes. Compared to its two predecessors, the triangular light panels and the square canvas modules, Nanoleaf has come up with a lot of new ideas for the hexagons, as reported in a press release:

The new honeycomb Hexagon panels with integrated touch function gleam in a new, improved design: ultra-thin surfaces and minimized dark corners make the color variety and light effects of the Nanoleaf panels an absolute centerpiece in every home. An improved mounting system which prevents any wall damage and a modular and ultra-slim control unit ensure a smooth setup. Already known features such as the color scene creator, real-time music visualization, LayoutDetect technology and the impressive Screen Mirror function will be available for the Unified Hexagons.

You can get some visual impressions in the following gallery:


A little patience is still required since the unified hexagons from Nanoleaf are scheduled to start in May 2020. The manufacturer has not yet let us know how expensive the new modules will be. I could imagine, however, that the recommended retail price will be based on the previous products – the starter set consisting of nine modules is available for about 200 euros.

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