Hueblog: iConnectHue: Major update released including Pro license with subscription

iConnectHue: Major update released including Pro license with subscription

These are the new features

I was allowed to announce it to you a few weeks ago and in the comments there was already a lot of discussion around it. Now it is here: the new iConnectHue. Before I will go into detail in the next few days, especially of course with the new, optional subscription model, I would like to provide you with the new features of the update today.

  • iConnectHue for iPhone and iPad in the App Store

First of all, all existing customers will benefit from the new version. iConnectHue is now a universal app, or rather the iPhone version has become a universal app. The previous HD version is now obsolete and will no longer be developed any further. If you only own the iPad version of iConnectHue and purchased it after November 22, 2018 you can contact support and get the new Universal App for free.

There are also numerous new features for existing customers, here is a small selection:

  • new color scheme and new dialog design
  • completely renewed views for scenes, magic scenes and animations
  • completely revised widget design and improved widget editor
  • timer: easier selection of conditions such as presence or group status
  • wipe up on lamp or group to turn it on

You have to pay again for these features

The fact is, iConnectHue has been available on the App Store for several years. To help fund their work, the development team has included several new payment models that give you additional functionality. The first step is the “Upgrade Levels”, currently “Level 1” is available here for 2.29 euros. With a one-time purchase you can unlock the following features:

  • Hue Smart Button Support
  • change the brightness of each group by wiping on its center
  • editing room and zone types of a group
  • create and edit Siri shortcuts in the app

This is the pro membership with subscription

There is also a pro membership which must be paid for with a subscription. This can be shared within a family of up to five people and costs at least 1.50 euros:

  • for 12 months 1,50 euros per month
  • for 6 months 2,50 euros per month
  • for 3 months 3 euros per month

Currently, the pro membership includes the following features, with more to be added on an ongoing basis:

  • share your membership with up to 5 family members of the same household
  • group widget for each group (also accessible via force touch in group overview)
  • each group can have one picture
  • instant timers can be added to Siri shortcuts
  • watch widget – force fouch to switch between widget and group view
  • daylight functionality:
  • incandescent mode: when group or lamp is set to color temperature, temperature adjusts with brightness
  • long press on the group switch (or light switch in the widget) switches color temperature depending on day/night
  • Hue Dimmer also allows this function by long press
  • switches can now increase/decrease color temperatures
  • Hue Tap Wizard also sets up this functionality

I have arranged a meeting with the responsible developer for the next days and will take the chance to go into more detail. Next week I will go into more detail about the payment model and some new features.

‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
‎iConnectHue für Philips Hue
Developer: Stefan Gohler
Price: 3,99 €+

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