Hueblog: First look at the Versteckdose: upgrade for the classic light switch

First look at the Versteckdose: upgrade for the classic light switch

You've already learned a lot about the Versteckdose. Now I have had a chance to try it for myself.

It is a well-known problem: classic light switches and Philips Hue. It is best to keep them on all the time but that really doesn't always work. The Versteckdose (engl. “hidden socket”) wants to provide a solution for this problem – and offers a big advantage compared to simply removing the classic light switch: The existing cables are simply used for a socket outlet.

A Friends of Hue switch is simply pushed over this socket – and the hidden socket is ready for use. I will explain in this article how it all works.

After unpacking, the Versteckdose presents itself in two individual parts: First of all, a Jung 55 socket outlet, plus a frame with an integrated sliding mechanism. Behind the double rocker a Friends of Hue switch is hidden. I don't have to tell you much more about the possibilities of the switch, I have already presented a possible configuration here.

For the installation of the Versteckdose, an existing light switch should be removed; the wiring must be carried out via the socket outlet using the instructions supplied. The wiring is then installed in the empty socket and the Hue lamp is thus supplied with continuous current. The frame including switch is held by the socket cover and is mounted within a few seconds.

For my little test I have misused the socket a bit. My neighbours removed a thermostat some time ago and used the space for a socket. Exactly this spot was used for the installation of the socket outlet, the frame was also simply attached to a Gira socket outlet. Consequently, my neighbours are not only happy about a cover for a seldom-used socket outlet, but also about a useful Friends of Hue switch.

Personally, I am not yet completely convinced of the Versteckdose’s concept. From my point of view there are three aspects I need to criticize:

  • Installation requires expertise
  • Mounting only possible on a single light switch
  • Continuous current of the lamp cannot be interrupted

Instead of a Versteckdose I would much rather have a Versteckschalter, a hidden switch: a simple way to cover an existing light switch with a Friends of Hue switch without having to interfere with the electrical system and without losing the possibility to control the light in a classic way if necessary.

If you would like to order the hidden socket aka Versteckdose, you can do so in the German manufacturer’s webshop. Currently, the Versteckdose costs 79.90 Euros (plus 4.99 Euros shipping costs), including a protective contact socket for Germany.

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