Hueblog: Firmware update improves performance of Hue Entertainment

Firmware update improves performance of Hue Entertainment

A new firmware update is available for the Hue Bridge’s 2nd generation.

So far, Hue Entertainment and Hue Sync have not really taken off; for example, there is still no possibility to add Ambilight-like lighting effects without a computer. Apparently, Signify does not want to leave the technology behind – as a recent update of the Hue Bridge shows.

The firmware version 1933144020, released two days ago, improves the performance of Hue Entertainment when all the lamps in use are within direct radio range of the Hue Bridge.

Here’s a little technical excursus: To optimize the delay of light effects in Hue Entertainment and the associated Hue Sync, the Hue Bridge does not send a control command that is then sent to the corresponding target lamps via mesh network. Instead, up to ten lamps are supplied with the control command directly from the Hue Bridge, which significantly minimizes the delay. And that seems to work even faster now.

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