Hueblog: Philips Hue Go Portable: Portable table lamp is now available in Europe

Philips Hue Go Portable: Portable table lamp is now available in Europe

Review of the new model

Already in the summer of last year, Philips Hue introduced another model under the name “Hue Go”. A portable table lamp was supposed to appear in late summer 2022. Unfortunately, nothing came of it, at least in Europe. Today there is good news: The portable table lamp Philips Hue Go Portable is now available in Germany and other European countries.

In the official online shop of Philips Hue you can choose between four different versions of the Hue Go Portable. The portable table lamp is available in white and black, each with two different silicone handles at the base of the lamp. If you don’t like the look of these, they can simply be removed.

The most important technical data of the new Hue Go Portable

The Hue Go Portable is 35 centimetres high and has a diameter of 14.2 centimetres at its widest points. The weight is 975 grams. With a light output of 4,000 Kelvin, the maximum brightness is 530 lumens, with standard white it is still 370 lumens. This corresponds exactly to the values that we know from the “normal” Hue Go.

Of course, the portable table lamp is water-protected, so it can be used outdoors without any problems and it doesn’t matter if you leave it on the terrace overnight and it rains in between. Only the charger stays indoors.

Unlike the Hue Go, which has been available for some time, the Hue Go Portable does not require a cable to be plugged in for charging. Instead, the portable table lamp is placed on a charging station with matching contacts. This station has a two-metre cable with a fixed mains plug. A bit of a pity: the white Hue Go Portable comes with a black charging station, here white would have been a more suitable choice.

This is how it looks with the battery life

As soon as you take the Hue Go Portable from the charging station, the light goes out for a short moment and the lamp switches to battery mode. The battery life is around six hours with bright light, and even up to 48 hours is said to be possible with scenes such as flickering candles or a fireplace. Charging takes around three to four hours. Unfortunately, there is no way to read the current battery status in the Hue app.

The table lamp can be controlled via the Hue app – either via the bridge or a direct Bluetooth connection. In addition, there is a button on the top of the Hue Go with which it can not only be switched on and off, but can also switch through several predefined scenes. Unfortunately, you cannot save your own scenes “on the button”.

Normally, the Hue Go is on the charging station, then it is also permanently smart controllable. The same applies in battery mode when the light is on. If the portable table lamp is switched off away from the charging station, the radio module also logs off after some time. In this case, it must be returned to the charging station or switched on again with the small button on the top.

Portable table lamp from Philips Hue does not dazzle

In contrast to the normal Hue Go, the new Hue Go Portable shines specifically downwards. I don’t think that’s so bad for the intended use, because when placed on a table, the light element is only about 25 centimetres high. So you are not dazzled when you want to look at the person opposite you. At the same time, the downward light cone is bright enough to illuminate even a two-metre table.

Depending on your taste, the light of the Philips Hue Go Portable can not only be dimmed, but also the white tone can be changed or one of 16 million colours can be selected. With these colours, however, the Hue Go Portable serves more as a mood light and not for lighting. In principle, it is compatible with all features from the Hue app.

What I like very much in any case is that the new model of the Hue Go is not only suitable for outdoor use. It also cuts a good figure in the home on a sideboard or in the bedroom on the bedside table if you like the design. It should also be suitable as a reading light if your bedside table is not lower than the bed.

The thing with the price

As always, you can argue about the price of Philips Hue. 159.99 euros are demanded for the Hue Go Portable. Without a doubt, that’s quite a price.

There are numerous outdoor table lamps with a battery and a very similar design on the market, also for prices between 50 and 100 euros. But even the more expensive models, such as the Sigor Nuindie, are nowhere near as bright as the Hue Go Portable. In addition, with the portable table lamp from Philips Hue, you also benefit from the smart connection, which is of course not available with the classic alternatives.

So the Hue Go Portable definitely has my blessing, only the black charging station on the white model bothers me a little. While the design is certainly a matter of taste, I find the concept with the charging station simply great. This ensures that the battery is always charged when you want to take the portable table lamp outside.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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