Hueblog: Philips Hue Lightguide review: Now available in five shapes

Philips Hue Lightguide review: Now available in five shapes

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The Philips Hue Lightguide is not entirely new, it has been with us for around a year and a half. However, the new releases from Philips Hue in June include a total of four new shapes. The previously available Lightguide Ellipse is joined by Edison, Triangle and a large and small Globe. Prices start at 79.99 euros.

A brief look back at the history of Lightguide

Back in September 2022, Philips Hue presented the first three Lightguide models at the International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin. The large Globe, Triangle and Ellipse should actually have had two smaller siblings: Originally, the small Globe and the Edison were also planned. But then somehow everything turned out differently anyway.

Initially, the Lightguides were not due to be released until the fourth quarter of 2022, but then it seemed that they would be launched earlier. The market launch was pushed forward to 23 September – only to be cancelled completely. There were problems with condensation in the glass spheres.

The first model, the Lightguide Ellipse, was then launched in December 2022, while the other two variants were postponed indefinitely in February 2023. It would be more than another year before they returned.

Philips Hue Lightguide with adjusted prices

Now the siblings of the Hue Ellipse, which incidentally will continue to be sold for 99.99 euros, are available again. However, the Lightguide Triangle and the large Globe, which were announced in 2022 for 84.99 euros, now also cost 99.99 euros. For 79.99 euros you can get the two smaller versions, the Hue Lightguide Edison and Globe, which you can also see here in the pictures in the article.

I’ll try to categorise the price a little for you. A classic smart lamp from Philips Hue with White and Colour Ambiance technology costs 59.99 euros individually. The Lightguides are therefore 20 and 40 euros more expensive. This is probably due to the significantly more complex production process, as the glass is blown into its final shape by hand for all five models.

However, we must not forget two things at this point: At the end of the day, we are still travelling in the already very expensive Hue world. On the other hand, I don’t know of any smart home light source with an E27 base that looks more impressive.

The technical highlight: reflections from the inner tube

At the centre of the Hue Lightguides is a small inner tube. This is precisely where Philips Hue has made improvements to get the problems of the “first” generation under control. The inner tube now consists of two layers, which unfortunately means that it no longer appears quite as transparent. However, the light shining in from below is still really bright, so that you can hardly see directly into the light source at a brightness of more than 50 per cent.

With a brightness of 500 lumens at 2,700 Kelvin, the value on paper is somewhat lower than that of classic Hue lamps. In practice, however, the Lightguides are still really bright thanks to the glass design and can therefore be used not only as mood lighting but also for functional lighting.

Compared to the Hue Filament lamps, which are only available as Hue White or Hue White Ambiance, the Lightguides naturally offer you the full range of colours. White tones from 2,000 to 6,500 Kelvin and all 16 million colours. Incidentally, I think it is very unlikely that coloured filaments from Philips Hue will appear – the focus is on the Lightguides.

There is just one visual drawback

From a visual point of view, there is only one thing I don’t like at all. The base of the Lightguides is incredibly large. So big that it can be seen on virtually every table lamp or open ceiling light. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fit in at all with the otherwise successful look of the series. Here you can see a comparison with a Hue Filament.

Now that simple pendant lights have been available since 2022, Philips Hue is now also offering table lamps from the 3D printer that have been optimised for the Hue Lightguides. This means that the thick black base disappears completely into the table lamp, leaving only the glass body visible.

There are two shapes and three colours, making a total of six models. However, at 59.99 euros and available in Europe only, the price is quite a statement and I really had to swallow. Especially as classic table lamps with an E27 socket are available in almost every conceivable colour, shape and design for between 10 and 20 euros.

The conclusion: Can it be a little more expensive?

59.99 euros for the table lamp and at least 79.99 euros for the light source. You could almost say that the new Lightguides fit perfectly into the Philips Hue world. We don’t even need to discuss it: It’s expensive.

You can make do with cheaper Hue Filaments, but then you can’t set any coloured light. Or you can buy a cheap table lamp from a furniture store, but then the thick black base of the Hue Lightguide is visible. So on the way to a really stylish table lamp from the Hue portfolio, you have to make compromises somewhere, in terms of design or price.

And if you forget that for a moment, then you just have to say that the Hue Lightguides look really great. I’m very happy about the four new variants, and I personally really like the small Lightguides in particular.

Philips Hue Lightguide

from $79.99 / £79.99 / 79,99€

With its inner tube and reflective glass coating, Lightguide bulbs are a statement piece to match the modern home. This ellipse smart bulb gives you a glow of brilliantly colorful light, which you can dim to the perfect level.

Table lamp for Hue Lightguide


This table lamp was specially designed for Lightguide lamps. It was produced using a 3D printing process with a unique wavy texture and matt surface.
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