Hueblog: Philips Hue works on improvement for dynamic scenes

Philips Hue works on improvement for dynamic scenes

White light remains white light

It has been more than a year since Philips Hue introduced dynamic scenes. Since the launch in September 2021, numerous functions have been added, such as speed adjustment or, most recently, automatic activation.

As I have now learned, there should soon be another improvement that actually also has major implications for practice. In future, it will be possible to exclude lamps that are not used for mood lighting but for actual lighting from the colour change of a dynamic scene.

Up to now, colour lamps have always changed colour in dynamic scenes.

What at first sounds like a relatively complicated and awkward thing is said to have been solved quite simply by Philips Hue: All lamps that are placed on the colour wheel for white tones in the scene keep their setting. Only the lamps that are set to a coloured shade become part of the dynamic.

What does this look like in practice? You create a scene, for example for reading. The reading light is set to a white tone, the other mood lights in the room to the desired colours. When the dynamic scene is started, only the mood lights change colour, while the reading light keeps the desired white tone.

Until now, only White or White Ambiance lamps did not participate in the dynamic scene. Up to now, it has not been possible to prevent the colour change of colour lamps. Unfortunately, I do not know when exactly Philips Hue will release the new function.

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  1. Fingers crossed they will add the ability to schedule them too. Especially with there string lights being available now.

  2. Hey Fabian!

    Do you have any inside contact with Hue?

    I have discovered a bug related to Dynamic scenes:

    I have 10 E27 filament lights in a string. If a scene “X” has 3 of the lights on a 2200 kelvin and the other 7 are off AND is followed by a scene “Y” on around 4000 kelvin with dynamic auto-play enabled, the 3 filaments that were on before, they remain on 2200 kelvin. One has to pause and restart the play on the “Y” scene to be able to change the temperature on those. The temperature is irrelevant.

    Have you experienced this or have any way to test it?

    1. Hi Robert, that sounds strange, because Filament lamps are non-color and only color lamps take part in dynamic scenes.

  3. I hope eventually they increase the amount of color scenes whether it’s dynamic or standard color schemes that can be held onto the app. I was saving multiple different tones of colors, I didn’t count, but it reached the peak where it stopped, and would not allow me to add any more. From my understanding the scene goes to the bridge when activated. So it seems more like a internal memory limit.

    1. Is it new? Maybe you have to wait a few days, as it needs to install the newest firmware.

    2. Hey David, I also bought a gradient play lightstrip (55″) and installed it today and just like you I cannot split the colour. It shows multiple colours when using the sync function but I cannot split it myself in the app.

      Did yours end up working after an update? And does anyone know how long an update should take?

  4. I really need to confirm the model and serial number of this gradient function, as mine is still not showing a gradient selection on the app.

    I have a 55″ Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip. Model number LCX001. Hardware platform version 100b-118. Software version 1.72.4

    Can someone who has theirs working confirm what the working software version is, thanks.

    1. Mine is Model# LCX001, HW# 100b-118, and FW# 1.97.3 (updated through network, don’t remember factory FW#).

      Make sure your bridge is connected to the Internet, as it will download the new FW from Hue’s servers directly, it doesn’t go through the app. The 3rd LED on the bridge is a reliable indication of Internet connectivity with their servers.
      Also, your firmware updates might not be set to automatic, so check the Software update in the Settings tab of the app to make sure you don’t have the pending update waiting for your approval.

      You also need a recent version of the Hue app to be able to set a 3 colors gradient. The current version is 4.31.1.
      The UI can also be very counter-intuitive, the light originally shows as a single light. If you are currently in white temperature mode, tapping the light will not offer the 3 gradient points, and even if you tap the color mode, if you then tap the light again, it will switch back to white temperature mode instead of offering the 3 gradient points.
      Instead, select the lightstrip, then select the color mode, then make sure you first move the teardrop control for that light to some color, so that it effectively switches to color mode. Then you should see a number “3” instead of the lightstrip icon on that teardrop control point, then tap that “3” and it should switch to the 3-points gradient control.

    2. Hey Philippe.

      Thanks for the reply. I had everything setup as you said, in the end I just thought I’d leave it for a few days as I’d read some people had updates come many days later (even though it said it was up to date)…..annnnnd today, this morning, like magic BOOM, they were updated.

      They went from 1.72.4 to 1.101.5

      The updates can be quite unreliable and slow, but I suppose it’s all just patience.

    3. Yeah, of course they picked that day to push an update to most recent bulbs and especially gradient lights.
      Interestingly, mine just updated from FW# 1.97.3 to 1.101.2. Not sure why I didn’t get the .5 revision.
      This apparently adds support for the mirroring gradient similarly to what they added to the Festavia string lights a short while ago.

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