Hueblog: Speed of dynamic scenes can now be adjusted

Speed of dynamic scenes can now be adjusted

Update to Philips Hue 4.8

As already announced last week, Philips Hue has introduced an exciting innovation around the dynamic scenes with the now released update to version 4.8 of the official app. From now on, the speed of these scenes can be adjusted.

The special feature here is that each dynamic scene from the Hue Light Scene Gallery comes with its own default setting, so that the speed of the colour changes matches the mood of the scene. The development team also let us know the following:

Dynamic scenes changing too slowly? Each color scene in the Hue scene gallery now has its own default dynamic speed that’s based on the mood of the scene.

You can now adjust the speed at which the colors change. To change the speed temporarily, tap the three-dots icon next to the scene currently playing. To change the default speed of the scene, tap the pencil icon.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
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‎Philips Hue
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  1. Can’t find the setting on my updated (danish) hue app. I fear that it might have gotten lost during the translation… Can you make a short video on how it works?

    1. nevermind – all it needed was a bit of patience, and now all by bulbs are flashing vividly. Now I just have to do something about my headache.

  2. Mine do not stay in Dynamic for long periods and dynamic mode cannot be automated. Any suggestions?

    1. I think I have found the problem causing dynamic scenes to stop. Only use one device to exclusively operate the lights. (Make sure other devices have Hue disabled.) Turn off any sensors attached to any lights operating a dynamic scene.

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