Hueblog: Gradient Lightstrip: What about the fourth side?

Gradient Lightstrip: What about the fourth side?

Illuminate the TV from below as well

With the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, our favourite manufacturer launched an exciting new product two years ago, which was supplemented last autumn by the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip. The perfect combination to be able to offer something like Ambilight on any TV with external sources.

There is only one problem with the whole thing: the “Hue Ambilight” is only three-sided. A major point of criticism from many users that Philips Hue has not yet addressed. Nevertheless, there are one or two quite reasonable solutions, and I would also like to risk a small forecast in this article.

A longer gradient light strip is not an option

The obvious option would be to simply buy a longer Gradient Lightstrip, which is available in three different lengths. So why not simply not use the long light strip for 75 inch TVs on a 55 inch TV and also lay the light strip on the underside of the TV?

First of all, there is no suitable mounting material, although you could certainly get creative in some other way on the back of the TV in order to attach the Gradient Light Strip. However, the light strip is divided into seven fixed segments: Two on the left, two on the right and three on top. These segments display the matching colours to the screen content. An “incorrectly” mounted gradient light strip would no longer display the colours in the appropriate places.

These already available Hue lights are suitable

From my point of view, there are currently two common options to also illuminate the underside of the TV in combination with the HDMI Sync Box. The simplest and cheapest is certainly a Lightstrip Plus, which can simply be cut to the right length and stuck to the back of the TV. Here, of course, only one colour would be able to be displayed.

Another popular option in the community are the Philips Hue Play Lightbars, which can also be easily attached to the TV with an adhesive pad. Two Lightbars can even be connected to the power supply of the Sync Box, but the best effects are certainly achieved with three Lightbars. Unfortunately, this is also quite expensive fun.

What about the new Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance?

At first glance, a very interesting alternative is the Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip Ambiance, which will be officially introduced in September. At least we get a light strip that can shine in several colours and that can probably also be shortened.

However, there will probably be a problem here: How can Philips Hue recognise where the light strip has been shortened in order to adjust the colour rendering to the respective TV size in interaction with the Hue Sync Box? That probably won’t work – and is probably also the reason why this new product doesn’t have the word “Play” in its name.

So we will have to wait a little longer for the ultimate product to illuminate the underside of the TV in combination with the Sync Box and the Gradient Light Strip. Hopefully not for too long…

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  1. Philips already created the ultimate product for this years ago, the 42pfl9903 or Philips Aurea Gen 3. I really don’t understand why they dumbed down ambilight (less LEDs, not on all sides) since then. Mine looks incredible in combination with the sync box and my living room filled with various hue lights. I wish they would create an updated model with 4K, HDR, OLED/MicroLED and will continue to hold onto mine until they do (or it finally gives up the ghost 🙁)

    1. The 9903 line is the 2nd Aurea generation and not the 3rd. The third gen went up to 40” only and was the 37pl9904 / 40pfl9904

      The second gen Aureas (the one you and I have) are the best of the three (for screen size alone, imo).

  2. xxpfl9900 gen 1 (37”, 40”, 42”) 2007
    xxpfl9903 gen 2 (37”, 40”, 42”) 2008
    xxpfl9904 gen 3 (37”, 40”) 2009

  3. I purchased Hue Play Gradient Light Tube and my Philips 4 sided aMbilight 2002 tv PML9507 identifes it as a bulb and i cant use the gradient function. I contact Signify. They say it is the problem of Philips. İ contact Philips. They did not care.

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