Hueblog: What about the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box 8K?

What about the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box 8K?

Probably with HDMI 2.1

Product photos appeared on Amazon almost exactly 11 months ago. And not of an existing product, but of an alleged Philips Hue play HDMI Sync Box 8K. Not much has happened since then. What about the successor to the Sync Box released in 2019?

People keep asking about it and there are always the same comments on social networks: “Someone was just having fun with Photoshop.” I think this is highly unlikely for several reasons.

Philips Hue Play HMDI Sync Box 8K gets a customised design

Let's take a look at the official product image. Below you can see the previously available Sync Box on the left and the image of the alleged 8K version on the right. Not only the product name has been changed, but also the entire design of the packaging, the form factor of the packaging and the Sync Box itself has been given a customised look. Nobody does this “for fun” with Photoshop.

A second product image that has already surfaced also reveals changes that are completely understandable. The previous Sync Box was supplied with a power supply unit with three ports so that two Play Lightbars could be connected in addition to the box itself. The Play Gradient Lightstrip with the same connection only came onto the market a year later and requires with up to 20 watts so much power that it should not be connected together with the Sync Box. With the new generation of the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, Philips Hue has therefore limited itself to a power supply unit with just one connection.

Old version of the Sync Box to be sold out first

Before the new Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box 8K with support for HDMI 2.1 and 4K at 120 hertz is launched on the market, I understand that the current generation will first be sold in its entirety. In some countries, the box can no longer be ordered from the Philips Hue online shop; in the USA, for example, it says “Temporarily out of stock”.

I also have several indications that the 8K version of the Hue Sync Box has actually been developed and that the sales launch is only a matter of time. However, I am not yet aware of exactly when this will be the case.

The competition is leading the way: Govee HDMI 2.1 Sync Box unveiled

At this week's CES in Las Vegas, another manufacturer has already shown the way. Govee has announced its HDMI 2.1 Sync Box. Here too, four HDMI devices can be connected and resolutions of up to 8K are supported. Console gaming at 4K and 120 Hertz is also no problem for the Govee HDMI 2.1 Sync Box. According to the manufacturer, the new box will be released in the first half of 2024 and will be available with a light strip for 55 to 65-inch televisions and also as a customised version for PC monitors.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. Is there any precedent for new Hue products dropping at CES? The wait for this product has been difficult. There’s so many issues with the current box, it will randomly spaz out and drop signal, not to mention all of the HDMI 2.0 limitations.

  2. I am impatiently waiting as well. I beta tested the Lytmi 2.1 box and still have it in a box in the closet. It was flawed with washed out colors and weak LED strips. The Govee 2.1 is a non-starter if it still has cameras to see your screen.

    1. Just googled it and did some reading. This may be worth looking at. I already some govee lighting installed in my home.

  3. I was in the Reddit thread that posted the screenshots and I did send screenshots I personally made to some news sites that did get posted. I can confirm these pictures are from Amazon and published linked from the official Philips Hue Shop in the US and Canada.

  4. Unfortunately the USA shop is back in stock with the current gen device. So it seems the possibility of a refresh isn’t as immediate as I hoped.

  5. Seems crazy to me they are leaving money on the table the longer no new box exists.

    Hue users are tech users, who would eat up a new version to replace a seriously outdated and limiting Sync box.

    It’s maddening.

  6. I also find this maddening. FancyLEDS has an interesting solution, but I have an investment in Hue Play light bars and the Play lightstrip which I wouldn’t be able to use. I had the Hue Sync hooked into Zone 2 of my Denon AVR and it was working more or less fine with my LG CX, but I had to replace the CX with the newer C3 (panel failure on the CX…don’t ask) and now when Zone 2 is active feeding a signal to the Hue Sync my Dolby Vision content looks horrible with the new C3. And Dolby Vision content from my Panasonic UB820 doesn’t work at all.

    I was really hoping that Hue would come out with an updated Sync box that would fix all these issues.

  7. I no longer understand why a sync box 8K/HDMI 2.1 would be required? The hue sync app which I believe is currently exclusive to Samsung TV’s is better in every way, it’s not limited to HDMI devices meaning it would also work with the TV’s built in apps. Surely this is the better and more elegant solution?

    1. It’s subscription based. There are too many things now that need you to pay a monthly fee for.

  8. I have a Hue Sync box that worked fine until I had to set it up again. It requires a 2.4 GHz connection. My iPhone prefers the 5GHz connection and because of that it fails during setup. I’m going to have to turn off the 5GHz network to set it up and then turn it back on. Hue charges too much for this product for it to be having this issue.

    1. It’s common that a lot of Smart Home devices only support 2,4 GHz. Usually you can active both frequencies in the router settings without any issues.

  9. I sold my syncbox because of performance and technical limitations. They should just mark down the current gen and release the new one in a different price segment until the first gen stock is depleted. This will ensure they can still sell both. Currently they are losing customers because of the delay. Govee lookin pretty good right now.

  10. Flash Sale this weekend on their current model. Is this a last push to get rid of inventory prior to releasing something new??

    1. hass anyone managed to install the update that appears on the Hue website with the date 09 April 2024?

  11. I’m new to the Hue w just a couple of light strips and the hub..I’m already over Hue’s lack of transparency in the matter. This morning, I had my cart loaded with eight A19 color bulbs, 4 play bars and this syc box.. however, after learning about how poorly this issue is being communicated, I will move to “do nothing Hue” mode until Hue decides on better clarity.

  12. We don’t. Need Philips any more….Philips keep your box for you.YOU LOOSE FROM OTHER BRANDS…..LOLOL

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