Hueblog: Hue Labs: New animations and scenes for autumn released

Hue Labs: New animations and scenes for autumn released

Festival of lights and Autumn living scenes

In the official Hue App there is an area called Hue Labs, which is worth a look every now and then. There Philips Hue provides some experimental and seasonal features that have not yet found a permanent place in the Hue app. We are currently working on two new formulas that will make your home shine in an autumnal light. In this article I will tell you what's new.

Festival of lights

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with a special living scenes formula that not only cycles your lights through gold, pink, and white but gently dims and brightens them for a dynamic Diwali celebration.

Autumn living scenes

Transform your living room into a cozy space this fall with a collection of scenes that feature earthy tones, gold, red, and maroon colours that cycle dynamically.

In the Autumn living scenes you will find a total of five different scenes, which you can simply try out for yourself.

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