Hueblog: Whimpering GU10 spots: Firmware update eliminates annoying problem

Whimpering GU10 spots: Firmware update eliminates annoying problem

Signify confirms troubleshooting

What a joy to see Philips Hue introduce a new generation of its GU10 spots last fall. The new White and Color Ambiance Spots have been given a more compact design, are brighter and offer improved color rendering, so they are superior to their predecessors in all respects.

If only there wasn't one problem that seems to affect many of the spot users: when switched off, but with the power on, many of the GU10 spots whistle quietly. This is more than annoying, especially in rooms like the bedroom.

Now, in our community and on the English-speaking platform Reddit, users report about a firmware update for the GU10 spots. It should solve exactly this problem. Due to the lack of faulty models (fortunately) I can't check the story myself.

But I can forward to you: on May 11, Signify released firmware update 1.65.11_hB798F2BF which states: “This update improves the performance of various Bluetooth enabled Philips Hue lights, including GU10 spots and E14 candle lamps”. In addition, I was assured upon inquiry that the buggy whimpering was eliminated with this update.

So if you are affected by the problems, it's worth checking out the Hue app and software update. Please keep in mind that even after a manual start the update of the lamps can take several hours.

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  1. Hi I have PCS 18 GU 10 Wifi gen 2 that where 16 PCS have been updated with firmware version 128.1. Now they can´t switch on the light anymore and are all off.

    The last 2 still have a older firmware version intalled and are still working.

    Any suggestion or help ?

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