Hueblog: Tint Armaro: Under-cabinet luminaires as an alternative to the LightStrip Plus

Tint Armaro: Under-cabinet luminaires as an alternative to the LightStrip Plus

Three modules with easy mounting

The smart brand Tint from Müller-Licht should be known to you through the offers at German discounter Aldi. A few weeks ago, I presented the new outdoor collection of the manufacturer from Northern Germany. Still, you have to be patient for a first review. Until then, we’ll pass the time with Tint Armaro.

This product is a set consisting of a power supply unit with three LED under-cabinet lights, which is offered for 89.95 euros uro on the manufacturer’s website. Unfortunately, the set cannot be ordered at the moment, but that should change soon – I will let you know.

Comparable to the Innr Puck Lights

The Tint Armaro modules are most comparable to the Innr Puck Lights, which have also been released recently. However, while the Dutch company focuses on a fixed color temperature and allow flush mounting, the situation is a little different with Müller-Licht.

The Tint Armaro modules can only be installed on surfaces in three possible options: either on magnetic surfaces, with a magnetic adhesive strip or with a small holder that is fixed with two screws.

A good extra: it is a White Ambiance product. The white tone can therefore be infinitely adjusted from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin and thus always matches the current requirements. For example, dimmed, warm light in the late evening or bright, cool white light for cooking. The maximum brightness is 510 lumens, i.e. 170 lumens per module. It is controlled as usual via the Philips Hue App or connected accessories such as the Smart Button or a dimmer switch.

Classic controls via button

But if you don’t have a smartphone and a switch at hand and don’t want to use a voice assistant, that’s no problem either. The main module of the Tint Armaro has a small touch surface for switching on and off and for dimming all three modules. The light is not switched off hard, i.e. disconnected from the power supply, but remains responsive via Hue despite manual control.

From my point of view, the Tint Armaro has one problem: the manufacturer sees its product primarily as a lighting solution in the kitchen. But this is precisely where you get a strong competitor in the form of the Philips Hue LightStrip Plus – which I would almost always prefer. One of the few exceptions: due to local conditions, the LightStrip cannot simply be mounted with its entire length under the kitchen cabinets.

I also see potential for improvement at Tint Armaro. At 50 cm, the connecting cables are very short, while the power cable itself measures generous 250 cm. Moreover, the manufacturer does not plan to connect additional LED modules to its three elements set.

The Tint Armaro set has a right to exist in any case – if it is suitable for your purpose. Thanks to the different colour temperatures, the touch on/off button on the main module and the flexible and easy mounting options, you get a very good overall package for your money.

Tint LED floor lamp Armaro presented in video

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