Hueblog: Your Hue wishes: Multi-user, better bridge and backup function

Your Hue wishes: Multi-user, better bridge and backup function

Lots of creative ideas

About ten days ago, I asked you a question: which features do you want for Philips Hue? But as simple as the question sounds, you can’t answer it in a simple way. Every user has different needs, expectations and ideas. Nevertheless, it quickly became clear that some features are high on the wish list.

Multi-user support is a good example. I consider this to be indispensable for a modern smart home system, especially for families with several smartphones. Children should only be able to control the light in their rooms and not the parents’ bedroom lamps. Certainly, the young ones should not be allowed to access the settings – but should have the chance to create their own scenes for their own room nonetheless.

Which is also still missing and has been demanded for years: a backup feature. This is the only way to be on the safe side in case the Hue Bridge should ever crash or if you mess up the settings yourself. It’s too annoying to connect all lamps again, to create all rooms and to set up the accessories manually.

Often requested was an improved integration of Hue Labs into the Hue app. In Hue Labs, some “beta functions” have been available for years, but are now being sensibly integrated into the app. Here you could certainly find a better solution than the current web interface.

And then there’s the classic: a Hue Bridge with more capacity than the 63 lamps possible up to now (although problems can already occur at 50 lamps). Whether provided by a software update for the existing bridge or the launch of a new model is almost irrelevant to me.

Many Hueblog readers have come up with a lot of great ideas. Some of them were hopeful wishes which would be a real enrichment for Philips Hue. Here are a few more examples:

  • dynamic scenes and animations
  • display battery status of the Hue Go
  • routines with single lamps
  • E14 Filament lamps
  • light alarm clock with dynamic sunrise
  • flush-mounted modules for existing light switches
  • if-then-automation

I’ll just forward the requests to Signify and the Hue team. You never know, maybe we can make a difference.

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  1. I guess the missing Backup Function is the Most Important Feature. Since it seems this feature will never come i stopped buying hue Lights.
    In case all settings are gone through a defect it Takes maybe a week Hard work to recover everything For 50 lights.
    Nowadays a missing Backup and recovery is absolutely Not an Option.
    Kind regeres

  2. I will get rid of Hue lights as well. No backup function is a no go. I spent so much time (and a lot of money) to set up the whole system. After only three years and constantly updating the software my bridge is not working properly….

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