Hueblog: Innr Puck Lights: These built-in spots can be used flexibly

Innr Puck Lights: These built-in spots can be used flexibly

Starter set with three spots for 69,99 Euro

This weekend, I received a package from the Netherlands. Not from Philips Hue, but from Innr. The Dutch manufacturer has been involved in the ZigBee market for several years and offers many interesting and Hue Bridge-compatible solutions. In general, there are only two known limitations as well: the products are not compatible with Apple HomeKit and Hue Entertainment.

However, Innr also offers products that are not available from Philips Hue. For example, the new Innr Puck Lights. These are small built-in spots that are plug’n’play-connected to each other and connected to the power outlet using a power supply unit. But that’s not the only thing that makes these small parts so super flexible. In this article I want to show you what they can do.

Innr Puck Lights are very easy to assemble

The first advantage is the cabling. Nobody has to handle 230 volts here, instead there is a normal power supply and a four meter long allocation to the ZigBee controller, to which a total of five installation spots can be connected. These spots in turn each have a two meter long cable. Three of them are included in the starter set for 69.99 euros, further Innr Puck Lights can be purchased for 19.99 euros per unit.

Another exciting feature: the Innr Puck Lights are suitable for flush and surface mounting. For the latter, a small bracket is included that can be attached with two screws supplied. The spot itself is then simply clicked into place. Alternatively, flush-mounting is also possible; the installation depth in a 7 cm wide hole is only 25 mm. The outer diameter of the spotlight is 8 cm.

Due to the compact dimensions and the rather low price, it is probably necessary to do without various white tones. The Innr Puck Lights can only handle warm white light with a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin. In the Hue app, several spots also appear as one single lamp that can be dimmed infinitely.

Brightness is an issue worth discussing. 165 lumens per spot are certainly not floodlight values, but when combined, the Innr Puck Lights certainly provide a bright work surface in the kitchen. By comparison: the Philips Hue LightStrip Plus, which is popular for this purpose, has about the same brightness on a 20-centimeter long section as an Innr Puck.

The great advantage of Innr Puck Lights is certainly their flexibility. They find their new home not only in kitchen cabinets, but also in a display cabinet, for example. There are certainly no limits to your creativity here – and I would be happy to receive pictures of your craft projects in a few weeks.

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