Hueblog: Samotech SM216: switch adapter for the Hue Smart Button in detail

Samotech SM216: switch adapter for the Hue Smart Button in detail

Probably available in stores in February

A few weeks ago I already presented the SM216 from Samotech to you. With the switch adapter, mounting the Hue Smart Button over an existing light switch should not be a problem anymore. Now I can confirm: conversion is really very easy.

Unfortunately, the Samotech SM216 is not yet available in stores. Luckily, the manufacturer has sent me a sample from their first production batch. The white tone of the plastic does not yet match the plate of the Hue Smart Button but the company wants to improve it until market launch.

For installation, first remove the rockers and frame of the existing switch. The light switch itself remains installed, no changes are made to the electrical system. Then the Samotech SM216 is simply attached to the switch box with the screws of the light switch. The adapter protrudes so far that the plate of the Hue Smart Button fits easily over the light switch protruding from the wall.

For me this is the ideal way to cover an existing light switch with a smart switch without much effort. In addition, you can always remove the plate with the Smart Button and operate the naked light switch.

In Germany, the Samotech SM216 adapter frame for the Hue Smart Button will be available in February, probably at a price below 10 euros. Some fine-tuning is still needed, and we have to wait and see how the Brexit issue develops – Samotech is a small family business from England.

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