Hueblog: Signify improves suspension of Philips Hue Ensis pendant luminaire

Signify improves suspension of Philips Hue Ensis pendant luminaire

I have a small side note about the popular Philips Hue Ensis pendant luminaire for you.

For almost a year now, the Philips Hue Ensis has been hanging above the dining table at my colleague Frederick’s and he is still very taken with the individual lighting. I guess this is also true for most of the Hueblog readers who bought the Ensis.

Still, during installation one little thing made you despair. The plastic particles for fixing the two ropes were not very stable and could break quickly if you tightened the screws too much. The conclusion: the Ensis could not be mounted properly anymore.

New plastic parts should cause less problems

Apparently, this weakness was also discovered in Eindhoven and the new “generation”, which basically can only be distinguished from the previous Ensis because of its additional Bluetooth functionality, was improved in exactly this point.

This fact was discovered by Hueblog reader Andreas who installed his new Ensis a few days ago. In his email he writes:

“Yesterday, I mounted my Ensis. I noticed that Philips has improved the clamps for the wire ropes. Of course the type of the clamps has not changed, but they use a different plastic and two washers to prevent the clamp from bending too much. Of course I didn’t tighten them with all my strength now, but at least I didn’t have any problems that the clamp breaks or tears.”

The following two photos show the corresponding parts in detail again. On the first picture you can see the first generation with the black plastic parts, below is the second generation with their white parts.

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  1. We have found another new feature in the updated design, unfortunately. The led strips on either side of the lamp are now divided into two separate strips with a connector in the middle. This connector creates a dark spot in the middle of the lamp. We have discovered this after returning our third ensis together with the Philips service team. The conclusion; the old version is better.

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