Hueblog: Installation in detail: connecting the Hue Smart Button to classic buttons

Installation in detail: connecting the Hue Smart Button to classic buttons

Numerous readers have asked for more details about the conversion of the Hue Smart Button.

In the last few days, the useful Hue Smart Button made for some negative headlines. It is resource-hungry and causes problems with the Innr Smart Plug. In addition, it is still sold overpriced. Nevertheless, the Hue Smart Button opens up very interesting possibilities.

This is how the Hue Smart Button is connected to a classic push button

Hueblog reader Markus also dared to rebuild the switch and kindly provided me with detailed photos. With these, I can explain the whole process in more detail.

It starts with the purchase of a push button. Almost every manufacturer has the right parts in his portfolio. Additionally, a push button doesn’t cost that much. The only important thing is that it must not be an on/off rocker, but only a pushbutton.

Now you have to disassemble the Smart Button and find a small metal part in the middle of the board, which you remove carefully with pliers. With this small plate the connection between two contacts is made by pressing the Smart Button.

You have to solder two cables which lead to the pushbutton to these two contacts. Afterwards, the pushbutton does nothing else than to push on the button itself: the contact is made.

How neat and tidy you hide all the stuff in the flush-mounted box afterwards is up to you. The only important thing is: Hue lamps, which are to be switched with the converted Smart Button, must of course be supplied with power.

Currently, you can buy the Hue Smart Button best in the MeetHue Shop. For this reason it’s still worth a detour to where the shipping costs are lower and you pay less for one or two Smart Buttons.

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