Hueblog: Show your Hue: Smart Button integrated in Gira push button

Show your Hue: Smart Button integrated in Gira push button

Yesterday, Hueblog reader Christoph provided me with an exciting Philips Hue Smart Button project.

I’m always amazed at my blog readers’ creativity. Christoph has now sent me a pretty exciting project, which of course I don’t want to withhold from you. He has installed the Hue Smart Button in a regular push button from Gira.

These materials are needed

  • Philips Hue Smart Button
  • push buttons, for example from Gira
  • single conductor cable
  • soldering iron & tools

Christoph explains in the following instructions how the installation of the Smart Button works. On the positive side, the whole modification fits into a flush-mounted box without any problems and the complete Hue compatibility is preserved.

How to convert the Hue Smart Button

  • carefully open the Smart Button, remove the battery and press the inside out from the front
  • glue the inner workings onto a double-sided adhesive tape to make the rest of the work easier
  • carefully lift off the middle existing button with pointed pliers
  • solder the cable to the solder points
  • drill a hole in the front of the housing and pull the cables through
  • carefully reinsert the inner workings
  • connect cable to the button
  • insert the battery and close the housing
  • set up and test Hue Smart Button
  • install everything in the flush box

A perfectly feasible conversion without great risk. You can see the result again in the following video which was also provided by Christoph.

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