Hueblog: Samotech works on light switch adapter for the Hue Smart Button

Samotech works on light switch adapter for the Hue Smart Button

Samotech plans to launch an adapter for the Philips Hue Smart Button on the market as early as December.

I already mentioned it in my test report about the Philips Hue Smart Button: Signify didn't think all the way to the end during development. Although the mounting plate has matching holes for mounting on a conventional EU switch box, the flat plate cannot be mounted there without removing the light switch that protrudes from the wall.

However, the accessory experts from Samotech will take care of this problem. The British manufacturer has already launched several adapters for the Philips Hue dimmer switch and will also offer a solution for the Hue Smart Button from December. Samotech already presents a graphic of the component on its website:

What I can see there gives me great hope. Beside the matching holes for the screws and the needed depth and recess for the light switch, I also see the necessary mounting possibilities for the Hue Smart Button respectively its front cover.

How exactly the “SM216 Light Switch Adapter for Hue Smart Button” looks like and how the mounting works exactly, I will hopefully find out for you in December. Anyway, the price makes you want more: Samotech’s planned 7.49 Euro are definitely within the range.

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