Hueblog: Does the Hue Smart Button cause problems with Innr products?

Does the Hue Smart Button cause problems with Innr products?

Several users have reported problems with the Hue Smart Button in the past few days. What is going on?

Does the Hue Smart Button cause problems with the stability of the whole system? Basically, it's just a simple switch. So I didn’t worry much after the following email from Hueblog reader Thomas:

“I have 25 lamps and 13 switches, and the system is getting noticeably unstable. Some lamps are not reachable, react delayed, switches do not work. So far this was not a big problem but with the addition of the new smart button the system is no longer reliably operable”.

These are problems that I never heard of and therefore had to consider it as an isolated incident. But when I received another email from Hueblog reader Joachim, my interest was finally aroused. He writes:

“I have installed various Hue lights, motion detectors and switches in the house. In the open kitchen I installed the Innr Light Strip under the ceiling. Everything works wonderfully. Now that I have installed the new Hue Smart Button, all Innr products are no longer accessible after a while”.

And in the comments of an article about the Smart Button, there was a third comment from Hueblog reader Tino. He describes the problem very precisely:

“I've had the Smart Button for five days. After that, all inner sockets regularly lost the connection. When I removed the Smart Button the Innr sockets continued to run unstable (loss of connection after a few hours).
Then I noticed that an uncoupled Smart Button was obviously still regularly searching for a base. So I took the battery out of the Smart Button. Since then the Innr sockets are running stable again. Very funny, but apparently a problem with the button in connection with the Innr SP 120”.

Tino even made some more attempts and reset his bridge. Even with a few paired devices he could reproduce the problems, so it doesn't seem to be a resource problem. Tino had no problems with the smart socket from Osram and lamps from Osram.

In conclusion, he lets us know: “The same thing has been happening with my colleague since the day he put the Smart Button into operation. Maybe there are still some fellow sufferers…” So in case you wonder why your Innr accessories don't work properly anymore – the Smart Button could be to blame.

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