Hueblog: Hue Outdoor Sensor: temperature in HomeKit not correctly displayed

Hue Outdoor Sensor: temperature in HomeKit not correctly displayed

The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor also measures the temperature. Problems arise in combination with HomeKit.

Any Apple user who has taken a look at HomeKit will have noticed that the Philips Hue motion sensors appear as three different devices: in addition to the motion sensor, there is also measurement data on brightness and temperature.

And this is exactly where problems can arise as our friends from SmartApfel have found out. For example, the Hue Outdoor Sensor in HomeKit does not display values below 0 degrees Celsius, the temperature simply does not drop any further from this measurement value.

The problem only exists in HomeKit

Apparently, there is a problem with the data transfer from the Hue Bridge to HomeKit because apps like iConnectHue are supposed to display the temperature correctly even below freezing point. At this point it remains uncertain whether the error is on the side of Signify or Apple.

If you have used the Outdoor Sensor – for example for automations – that should trigger certain actions at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, they probably won’t work at this time.

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  1. Does this problem still exist? I know the Aqara sensor hard the same issue a couple of years ago, it’s been fixed and the Aqara sensor shows temperatures below zero.

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