Hueblog: iConnectHue Pro to be released later this year on the Apple App Store

iConnectHue Pro to be released later this year on the Apple App Store

Exciting news: there will soon be a major update for iConnectHue.

When it comes to the configuration of Philips Hue components there is no way around iConnectHue on iPhone and iPad. No other iOS application offers that many functions as German developer Stefan Göhler’s app. In 2019, there will be exciting news concerning the almost seven-year-old app.

As we have learned exclusively, the developer is currently working on a completely new application: iConnectHue Pro. While users of the existing version will not be left aside, there are really exciting new features for users of the upcoming Pro version.

I've already had a chance to take a look at iConnectHue Pro which is about to enter the home stretch of development. I’m particularly impressed with the new group view. First of all, here are two screenshots of a group in switched-off and switched-on state.

This is how the group view looks like in iConnectHue Pro

You may have discovered the most obvious difference already: a group photo can be deposited. It is displayed as switched on or off – depending on the state of the room. If you press the picture with your finger, you can change the brightness of the whole room by swiping up and down.

But the big exciting new feature is hidden directly below: a widget, which can assign a total of six functions, can be defined for each room. You can choose from colours, scenes, magic scenes, animations, sensor temperature, timer and instant timer.

Existing app will be provided with new features

In any case, existing customers also have to pay for iConnectHue Pro. This is quite understandable since the normal iConnectHue was provided with free updates for a long time. And we all know that developers must be able to finance themselves.

Next week, I will provide information on how the payment model of iConnectHue Pro will look like. For now, I can already let you know: upgrading to the new Pro version is not mandatory. The current iConnectHue will also be updated, maintained and provided with new features in the future.

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