Hueblog: Smart Scene Mapping: Colours of scenes are more intelligently

Smart Scene Mapping: Colours of scenes are more intelligently

A new feature in Philips Hue 5.19

On Tuesday, Philips Hue not only launched new products on the market, but also a new software version. Version 5.19 of the Hue app is now available to download and offers several new features. One of these is Smart Scene Mapping, which is explained as follows in the update description:

Every time you set a scene from the scene gallery, it’s now mapped to the lights in the space and what they’re used for.

But what exactly is this all about? This new function is intended to ensure that the colours of a scene are distributed more intelligently in the room. In this way, a lamp that is used for direct lighting is given a more functional colour, while the mood lights in the room are given the bright colours of a scene.

However, this requires some work: You have to specify in the settings of a lamp whether it is used for decoration, for tasks or for both. With some selected lamps, such as the Hue Ensis, this even seems to work automatically. At least that’s my impression from the first round of testing.

Important: Existing scenes that you have already saved in a room are not adjusted. However, if you select a new scene from the Hue light scene gallery, the colours of the respective scene are now distributed more intelligently. You can see very clearly that this actually works by pressing the shuffle button – your functionally used lamps should then retain their colour, while the mood lights in the room are mixed.

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