Hueblog: Signify makes it clear: we are not planning a new Hue Bridge

Signify makes it clear: we are not planning a new Hue Bridge

A supposed new publication appeared in the Hue world - now it is being denied.

Last week, a newsletter from Philips Hue appeared, including hints of a third generation Hue Bridge. Only in the small print, but still. Now the Signify editorial team reacts.

Not only did they feel compelled to inform me personally that the mention of the third generation Hue Bridge in the newsletter was simply a mistake: they also responded in social media and even sent out another newsletter to clarify the error.

On Reddit it reads: “We love the conversations here. We like to follow them but don't usually comment. However, we wanted to clarify to you that the email was a mistake. You don't need a third-generation bridge, we don't even have one.”

And on Twitter they said, “Very thoughtful, but that was a mistake on our part. We have version 2.1 of our bridge and that's what we meant in our email. We have no plans for a new bridge at this time.”

So the little “bug” in the email seems to have caused quite a stir internally. Especially the statement on Twitter makes me a little bit suspicious, because until now we never distinguished between version 2.0 and 2.1 of the bridge, but always talked about the second generation bridge…

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