Hueblog: Show your Hue: Double LightStrips under a light canopy

Show your Hue: Double LightStrips under a light canopy

Hueblog-reader Maik impressed me with some photos from his house. Especially his ceiling light built with LightStrips is worth a look.

I still have some exciting reader projects in my mailbox, including a great bathroom installation by Hueblog reader Andy. But today we want to start with a great ceiling light which Maik presented to me in numerous photos. And I would say that we first let pictures speak for themselves before we take care of the details.

For this great ceiling lamp, Maik not only cut the LightStrips to the right length and soldered the ends with wires, but also connected the power supplies directly to the contacts on the ceiling without plug adapters.

Two studio light canopies were then mounted on the appropriate brackets. This leads to the fact that even at full brightness, one can hardly see the individual strips individually, the light seems very diffuse.

All in all, Maik used the following materials:

  • two Philips Hue LightStrip Plus
  • two light canopies
  • four brackets
  • eight springs

A result that is quite respectable. Finally, there are a few more detailed shots of the installation for you.

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