Hueblog: Hue Bright Days: 30 percent discount on many products

Hue Bright Days: 30 percent discount on many products

Last chance today

The Hue Bright Days don’t actually start until May 27, but you already have the chance to take advantage of great offers in many countries. There is a 30 percent discount on many products directly in the Philips Hue online store, and in some countries there are even additional promotions with discounts of up to 40 percent – ending on June 9th.

In most cases, you have to add two promotional products to your shopping cart to receive the 30% discount. Unlike with previous promotions, you don’t necessarily have to buy a Hue Bridge, which makes the current promotion much more attractive in my opinion.

It’s particularly exciting for products that are rarely reduced, such as ceiling lights like the Hue Infuse. And then there are also some products that Philips Hue sells exclusively, such as the Hue Smart Button or the Hue Tap Dial Switch with the mini holder. You can add these to your shopping cart to save 30 percent.

Just take a look. There are 75 products to choose from in Germany and 69 in the Netherlands, and only 43 in the USA, but there are four top sellers here, some of which you can buy directly with a 30 or even 45 percent discount.

Note: This article contains affiliate links. We receive a commission for purchases via these links, which we use to finance this blog. The purchase price remains unchanged for you.

Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich zu einem echten Experten in Sachen Hue & HomeKit entwickelt. Mittlerweile habe ich über 50 Lampen und zahlreiche Schalter im Einsatz. In meinem kleinen Blog teile ich meine Erfahrungen gerne mit euch.

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  1. I’m currently doing some working in my home and creating a new room for a kitchen.
    It would be a rectangle of 5,65 m long and 3,07m width.
    the whole kitchen setup (counter included) will have an “L” shape on the over the long and short side of the room.

    i’m not sure how many lights like this I should setup in the ceiling
    After some research I find different point of view.
    The only thing that seems constant, is that distance between nearest light of the wall needs to be shorter than the distance between the lights themslves.

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