Hueblog: Smart lighting: What’s coming from Philips Hue in 2024?

Smart lighting: What’s coming from Philips Hue in 2024?

Only floodlight camera confirmed so far

We have arrived in 2024 and hopefully Philips Hue will once again be launching numerous new products this year. But what exactly is coming? That’s still written in the stars. But I would still like to venture a small prediction. In any case, it will start with a product that was already announced last autumn.

The Philips Hue floodlight camera will be launched on the market in the first quarter of 2024 for a price of 349.99 euros. It is basically a combination of the Hue Discover floodlight (costs 199.99 euros individually) and the well-known Hue Secure camera (also costs 199.99 euros individually). So there is at least a small price advantage with this combination.

Hardware announcements will probably come later

Otherwise, I think major hardware announcements at the beginning of the year are very unlikely. Philips Hue does not appear to be organising its own event around the CES in Las Vegas, the largest exhibition for consumer electronics, as it has repeatedly done in recent years.

My other channels, where there have always been hints in recent years, are also completely quiet at the moment. I therefore think that new lamps at the start of the year are pretty unlikely.

Full focus on software development?

Is it possible that the focus will initially be on the software? Last January, Philips Hue surprised us with the Sync TV app for Samsung televisions. Spotify integration also came as a surprise a few years ago. One thing is clear: there are far fewer people involved in software topics – and the likelihood of something being leaked in advance is much lower.

In 2024, Philips Hue will probably present a function that is very similar to SpaceSense from WiZ, Signify’s other brand. To summarise briefly: Light bulbs will become motion sensors.

And there are a few other things on our wish list. Finally, proper support for households with more than one bridge or a backup function for the entire system. Many users would probably be happy about that. I can imagine that something might come in this regard.

At the end of last year, Signify filled vacant or possibly new positions in the Philips Hue development team. The corresponding vacancies are no longer available, so it seems that the search was successful.

What will happen to Lightguide and Perifo?

Philips Hue explained to me that they want to stick with the Lightguide concept instead of introducing an RGBW filament, for example, as is the case with WiZ or with ZigBee support at Paulmann.

Two of the three lamps presented so far have been withdrawn from sale. In addition, there is already approval for two smaller versions. Perhaps there will finally be more positive news about the Philips Hue Lightguide series in 2024.

I was surprised last year that the Perifo system was not expanded. After all, the modular system is still missing some components, such as a T-piece. Philips Hue launched the Perifo system in the USA in 2023 – will the first extensions finally follow?

What are your Hue wishes for 2024?

Maybe you have completely different wishes? Why don’t you write in the comments what you hope to see from Philips Hue in 2024? Are you still missing a special light source? Or would you like a special function that doesn’t yet exist?

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  1. 2024 should be the year of “software”.

    1) A proper Multi-bridge support please!! With cross bridge rules/interactions.

    2) user roles (admin/user) so the kids can change their lights but not those of the rest.

    3) better memory usage of the hub to prevent rules limit or accessory limit whilst there’s still space for 10 lamps more.

    I dont mind if it involves the cloud as a “backup” solution (would be great as I’d go crazy if i lost one of my hubs to try to set it up again), however i don’t think saving a .cfg file ( the same as a router) would be that hard to implement as offline backup.

    Hardware wise Hue is still the most robust & stable system i have.
    However, The hub limitations are still holding me back from adding motion sensors or exterior lights.

  2. A higher spec hub would be good, for users with lots of bulbs and accessories. Would avoid the need for multiple bridges, which makes Alexa integration more difficult. Current bridges are fine for a few lights, but struggle to handle effects on lots of bulbs.

    1. You are absolutely correct. At the present time I have 50 hue lights and accessories. I’m dreading the point that I have to add an additional bridge. I feel that it’s not is going to be a easy install!

  3. 4″ wafer light, sorry “low profile recessed” as Philips likes to call it. The 6″ they launched just isn’t used as often anymore. Would love to get rid of my GE Cync junk and replace with 4″ Philips.

  4. Bulbs with good quality light (high CRI). Who wants to invest in tens of expensive bulbs having expected long life but only mediocre quality light?

  5. How about a refresh of Sync to get with the current standards. That’s all I want.

    Failing that, how about an app for my LG OLED. I assume this is more likely if there is some sort of exclusive window for the Samsung app.


  6. Honestly I want a new bridge that has more storage capacity, and better response times, so that more lights and accessories can be added to a single bridge, that automations are less likely to go haywire and more more customizability can be utilized.

  7. Would like to see a sink box that can connect to a audio receiver, that does not have HDMI connectors.

  8. I would love to see Filament White and color ambiance bulbs …
    Also – having the Sync app for other TV brands would be appreciated
    Maybe ultrawide support for the PC Sync App + ultrawide-compatible gradient strips.

  9. – Bridge with support for at least 100 devices
    – Sync Box with support for HDMI 2.1
    – Secure doorbell camera
    – Wall Switch Module powered by mains electricity (and support for traditional wall dimmers, i.e. toggle the power by pushing the knob and change the brightness by turning the knob)
    – Matter and/or HomeKit support for Secure cameras (including HomeKit Secure Video)

    1. I want to be able to plug a hard drive or an SD card into a third-generation Hue Bridge so I can record footage from my Hue Secure cameras locally

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