Hueblog: Philips Hue is working on three new effects

Philips Hue is working on three new effects

Prism, Opal and Glisten

Not only new hardware is in the starting blocks, because Philips Hue will also get new software features. In addition to the already promised launch of Matter, for which there is still no concrete date, they are also preparing three new effects.

Supported light sources can display the candle and fireplace effects so far. In addition, a Sparkle effect has been introduced exclusively for the Hue Festavia, with which one can make the light chain sparkle festively.

New colour loop effect brings dynamic colour gradient

Three new effects are to follow – and I can already introduce them to you today. The new Prism effect, which is based on the colour loop previously known from Hue Labs, will probably be well received. A special difference: The new Prism effect can display several colours at the same time on gradient products and create a great colour gradient.

What you probably don’t know yet: The Prism effect has already arrived on your Hue Bridge, but is not yet activated in the Hue app. However, third-party developers can already access it and I’m sure it won’t be too long before corresponding app updates are released.

The two other effects: Glisten and Opal

Unfortunately, I can’t yet tell you for sure what the two other effects, Opal and Glisten, will look like. At least with the Glisten effect, however, the matter should be crystal clear: Something will glisten here. However, it remains to be seen how this effect will differ from the Sparkle effect already available for the Festavia light chain.

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  1. When I see updates like this or new “scenes” it makes me really wonder what kind of development team they have at Signify.

    A work student could make these can of changes & whilst they might be useful for a few people they are hardly ground-breaking.

    Where is multi hub support, multi user support or setting backup (local or to the cloud)?

    I’m really not holding my breath for the matter update.

    1. Absolutely correct!

      Even if they had to kludge the multi-hub support by duct-taping three hubs together and making it seamless in the app, that would at least address nearly a decade of complaints.

      And not having backup is kinda astounding.

      I am looking forward to someone eating their lunch.

    2. Agree and they are so far behind on their “technology” honestly along with “new” bulbs! For the Amazon prime day when I saw those hue play bars for $80 something dollars I laughed and said that’s the same price I bought mine for 2 years ago lol! It was NO DEAL! You’ve really got to be stupid to believe that was a sale just like we are all stupid for spending all this money on Hue! Ridiculous!

  2. Has anyone tried the ikea zigbee hub?
    Does this have a similar limitation to the hue hub?

    I’d assume philips bulbs, switches & plugs would work with it just without the firmware updates?

  3. I love the prism effect on the hue lights, however I would like to be able to control the speed of fading. Does anyone know if this is or will be an option?

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