Hueblog: Community question of the week: Hue lights on the wall socket

Community question of the week: Hue lights on the wall socket

There are different solutions

There was a rather interesting question in the Hueblog community over the weekend about mounting Hue lights on the wall. An exciting topic that I would also like to take up again on the blog. And that’s what it’s about:

In my flat there is only one connection for lights per room. They are now newly occupied with Hue lights. But now I would like to have panels or spots on the walls. I have searched to see if there are power supplies for the lights, but I can’t find anything. Is there no accessory (power supply with switch or something) so that I can connect them to a normal socket? Do I have to tinker with a cable myself?

Possibility 1: A little tinkering is required

In principle, any Hue luminaire designed for 230 volt connection to the ceiling can also be operated at the socket. After all, 230 volts also come out there.

However, you have to attach the supply cable with two or three wires yourself. This is no great feat, especially as ready-made cables with plugs are available in DIY stores and on Amazon. However, it is important to note that the installation must be carried out by a specialist.

There is only one small problem: The Hue luminaires are not designed for external supply cables. Therefore, you have to make a small slot in the housing around the suspension through which the cable can be led.

Option 2: Ready-made Hue lights for wall mounting

Philips Hue actually only offers two series that can be operated directly on the wall via plugs. For example, there is the Philips Hue Sana, which is indeed quite extravagantly designed. It is already equipped with a cable and a mains plug and is supplied with power via a socket.

And then there is the quite new Philips Hue Perifo rail system. Here, there is an extra power supply with a plug for the wall. As a bundle, there is for example a rail with three spots, but also the Gradient Tube can be used perfectly on the wall, as you can see in the picture above.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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