Hueblog: Philips Hue will be up to €40 more expensive in February

Philips Hue will be up to €40 more expensive in February

Ceiling lights and outdoor products affected

I already announced it last December, now I finally have more details: Numerous Philips Hue products will become significantly more expensive from 1 February. Most affected are ceiling lights and outdoor products.

The biggest price increase will be for ceiling lights. Here, the increases amount to up to 40 euros. The list price of the large Hue Enrave, for example, will rise from 259.99 to 299.99 euros. The popular Hue Ensis pendant light will also become around 40 euros more expensive in around two weeks.

The Ensis is even among the models that only became more expensive last May. 2022, the price rose from 399.99 to 439.99 euros. So within one year, the pendant light has become 80 euros – or the equivalent of 20 percent more expensive. But it can be even more blatant.

Hue Outdoor Lightstrip is a frightening example

A really frightening example is the five-metre-long Outdoor Lightstrip from Philips Hue. In 2018, this was still launched for 159.99 euros. In 2020, the price was increased to 189.99 euros, then in January 2022 to 219.99 euros. But that was not the end of the line: from 1 February, the long outdoor light strip will cost 239.99 euros. That's 50 percent more than at market launch.

The biggest price increase in percentage terms will be for the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor from February. The motion sensor for outdoor use will become 17 percent more expensive in one fell swoop, with the price rising from 49.95 euros to 59.95 euros.

These products are affected by the price increase

  • Hue Amarant: 11 percent
  • Hue Amaze: 7 percent
  • Hue Appear: 6 percent
  • Hue Aurelle: 8-12 percent
  • Hue Being: 9-10 percent
  • Hue Calla: 7-12 percent
  • Hue Cher: 7-8 percent
  • Hue Daylo: 7 percent
  • Hue Discover: 10 percent
  • Hue Econic: 10-11 percent
  • Hue Enrave: 8-13 percent
  • Hue Ensis: 8 percent
  • Hue Fair: 7-8 percent
  • Hue Flourish: 7-10 percent
  • Hue Impress: 6-11 percent
  • Hue Inara: 9 percent
  • Hue Infuse: 9-10 percent
  • Hue Liane: 10 percent
  • Hue Lily (XL): 6-9 percent
  • Hue Lucca: 7-10 percent
  • Hue Nyro: 7-11 percent
  • Hue Outdoor Lightstrip: 7-8 percent
  • Hue Outdoor Power Supply (100 watts): 11 percent
  • Hue Outdoor Sensor: 17 percent
  • Hue Resonate: 6 percent
  • Hue Sana: 10 percent
  • Hue Still: 10 percent
  • Hue Surimu: 9 percent
  • Hue Tuar: 8-10 percent
  • Hue Turaco: 7-10 percent
  • Hue Welcome: 6 percent
  • Hue Wellner: 8 percent
  • Hue Wellness: 8 percent

In any case, the European region is affected. Unfortunately, I cannot say at the moment what the situation is in regions such as the USA. The prices in the official Hue online shop will be adjusted on 1 February, the price increase will probably be delayed in the free trade.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. After fitting outy home with 37 hue bulbs I am now resigned to the fact that, 5 years later, as they start to need replacing, switching to IKEA smart lights. Hue pricing is ridiculous.

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